Videos And Images Related To NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover

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NASA’s space shuttle program ended last year. And this year NASA has enjoyed great success with its Curiosity landing aircraft in recent days. NASA is on a mission to find out if Mars is a habitable planet to live?

The Curiosity Rover was launched in November 2011. It is also known as Mars Science Laboratory. It is designed to search for clues that Mars could be now, or in the ancient past, a habitable planet for microbial life.

In this article we are bringing to you the latest videos and pictures related with NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover. 

1) Challenges of getting to Mars-

Watch the breathtaking risks of Curiosity’s landing in NASA’s video “The Challenges of Getting to Mars: Curiosity’s Seven Minutes of  Terror” in this video:


2)Nasa scientists celebrate as Curiosity rover touches down-

Watch scientist and engineers celebrating the moment when curiosity rover completes its attempt to land on Mars.



3) Recent images that were received on August 6 2012:

This stop-motion video shows 297 frames from the Mars Descent Imager aboard NASA’s curiosity rover as it descended to the surface of Mars.


4) Curiosity Mars rover gets Lego treatment-

The Mars Rover curiosity landed on Mars on Monday morning. This Mars Rover will explore the surface of mars to find out livelihood conditions. But, a smaller model on Earth creating buzz at NASA’s Kennedy Space center. Two project builders have created a Lego version of the rover . It has more then 1000 Legos. Bluetooth technology controls the device.


5) The first ever high-resolution pic by Mars curiosity-

The image was captured with the fish eye lens present in Mars curiosity. Image is half of the camera’s full resolution capabilities.


6) Another sensational photos of Mars-



 7) Know Curiosity Rover Better-


Drawing of the Mars Science Laboratory-


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