Top 5 Best Racing Games for iPhone

Speed has its own fun and thrill, be it when you are driving or when you are racing on your personal computer or play station or on your mobile phone. But due to these speed
regulations and safety issues you cannot often enjoy this thrill. So you refer to racing games. These racing games are extremely famous among Kids. But when the adults want
this fun, where can they go? With the busy and hectic schedule that one working individual has, sitting in front of a computer and taking a tee off, is also less probable. Thus
here stays the final option. The mobiles! If you ask for something better than mobiles then let me propose for an iPhone.

Best Racing Games for iPhone

With the larger screen, hundred times better display quality and extreme efficiency, iPhone are an obvious choice for all those who are in love with racing games. Let us run
through a list of the 5 best racing games for iPhone:

1. Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart:

To be very frank every game is very well acquainted with the name of Crash Bandicoot. This low speed Kart racing game is extremely hilarious because of the cute and sweet
weapons that it has. The game is all about winning and to achieve that aim of yours you can do anything along with driving. You can blow up your competitors or make them
dive into an oil slick. In order to move into newer levels you need to collect the collectibles.

2. GTS World racing:

6this is a game which gives you 16 locations and 64 tracks to show your driving skills. The game also sets up 4 different difficulty levels for you to prove yourself. One of the
best of its kinds comes with a simple negative issue. The game only allows you to choose from a list of just 3 cars. This at times becomes an issue but, when one has the
autonomous power to design and re – design his car innumerable tie then who cares with the number of cars?

3. Cro – mag Rally:

Many gaming geeks believe that this game is famous because of its similarity with the Crash and the Mario Kart series. I also agree to a certain degree in this matter but let us
not take anything away from this game. The game is highly detailed with great colors to enhance the spark of the tracks. The whole game is made up of 9 exquisite levels. And
let me assure you that all these 9 levels are better than the other in all respects.

4. Asphalt 4:

Now if are not so much in favor of man – made tracks but you love racing on real time roads, then asphalt is the game you are looking for. Press the accelerator and let the
world know that you are here. You can Race through the streets of Los Angeles, to Shanghai, to New York. Anything can be your ride starting from McLaren to Bugatti Veryon to
a Mini Cooper. The game also supports multiplayer feature and for that it has to be connected to a WI – FI. So get down and run with your friends.

5. Fast Lane Street Racing:

Many people who have played this game are of the belief that FastLane is the best game on Offer in iPhone. According to them, this is even better than GTS and asphalt put together. The game comes with 2 high speed tracks, 8 city tracks, 6 challenging tracks and more importantly with 5 different game modes.

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5 Steps to Setup Email on Android Devices

If you ask me that what makes Android the most favored Operating systems in mobile devices, then would answer that; the facility that an android device provides to you is much greater than what the other operating systems provide. If you ask someone else, I do not think that there will be any different answer that you will receive. One of the prime features that make android devices extremely favorite among individuals of different classes is the E – Mail option that it provides.

Setup Email on Android Devices

This option enables most of the people to keep a track of their work when they are on the go. This also helps the corporate workers to manage their offices from any place that they are in. Now all of this does not come so easily. You got to set up your mail before you can utilize its functioning. Here are the steps that will enable you to Setup Email on Android Devices:

Step 1:

Click on the ‘display all applications’ symbol and discover the Mail application it will be pre-installed on your Android mobile device or tablet.

Step 2:

The following thing that you are set to need to do is select your mail supplier. Provided that you are setting up work e – mail then you might need to join your It branch to check whether there are supplemental guidelines you have to take after, as e – mail settings and security will change from association to association.

Step 3:

When you have chosen your e – mail supplier, you will then be asked to enter your e – mail record items. Afterward you will be solicited from to appoint a name your e – mail record. Android Mail gives you a chance to set up more than one e – mail record in its Mail application, so picking a name, for example “Private” might be sensible decisions here assuming that you are wanting to utilize the Mail application for maintaining more than one e – mail record.

Step 4:

Some Android gadgets and mail suppliers will give you a chance to match up your contacts, and other informative content with whatever is left of your mobile device or tablet. In the event that this is the situation essentially select the qualified information you need to be adjusted with your Android mobile device or tablet.

An additional great characteristic with Android Mail is that it gives you a chance to check how frequently the Mail application checks for new e – mail messages.

Step 5:

Send and appropriate e – mails from your Android mobile device or tablet.

Here you are done by creating an e – mail on the Android device for yourself. Although the process might not seem to be that tough but let me assure that if you do something wrong, then you will have to go through the whole procedure again Repeating things is not what you like, I guess? Thus with just a small amount of concentration you can set up your own email and use it to the fullest extent for your benefit.


LastPass Password Locker Firm Gets Hacked; Loses Your

The hack was confirmed last Friday and the company has asked users to update their master passwords

It is quite an unfortunate incident when a firm that helps save passwords of users gets hacked. LastPass is a company that makes it easier for customers to store their passwords online and also grants access to master passwords. Yesterday, it announced that hackers have been successful in their mission to break into the system and gain access to user emails/passwords (even the encrypted ones).

What worries more is the combination of data that was stolen. Many people try to keep combinations that may be related to them, such as their birth dates or any life event. There are also several ways to crack encrypted data such as “brute forcing” or rented computer server firepower.

The flaw was discovered on Friday. The company said that it is hardly possible for hackers to crack its encryption measures. However, it is taking some strong measures to ensure that the data isn’t leaked out. In this regard, it requires all users who sign in from their new IP addresses to first authenticate themselves through their email addresses. It also insists on them to update their master passwords for security reasons.

Many users try to keep a uniform password for all their accounts, as it is annoying to remember different passwords at a time. Another option for them is to rely on a company to remember their passwords. Through this hack, the lesson learnt for users is that they must not reveal their passwords even if they have full faith in a company because hackers can eventually find their way in. The best way is to use a password manager to deal with this hassle, says Jon Oberheide, an executive of a cyber-security firm named Duo Security. Moreover, companies such as Facebook tend to follow a two-step verification system that verifies user originality through a text message passcode that must be entered on the web.


Get Free Apps Every Week With Google Play’s New Feature

Google wants to encourage users to download apps from Google Play rather than their default app stores


As more users turn to their default app stores, Google is taking steps to change that, in order to encourage people to use the Google Play Store, Google will offer a free “app of the week”. With more users turning to Samsung, Amazon, and whatever their default app store is, the move seems essential.

Google Play’s latest offering, the “app of the week” feature will offer a wide array of apps, form productivity apps to a game launcher; users will be able to download the featured app for free, while they would have had to pay for it otherwise.

The real challenge here however is the fact that these apps are not very easy to spot, users will have to keep their eye out for the featured app of the week given there isn’t a banner screaming “free app”. It all comes down to your curiosity and how good you are at a treasure hunt; for instance, the current offering is hidden away under a banner labeled “New Family Fun”, upon clicking on it you will be directed to the family section, and finally you’ll be able to spot a banner saying “free app of the week promo from the PBS Kids”. However, you still won’t have any clue as to what the app is until you click on it.

The free app currently featured is a kids’ game called Daniel Tiger Grr-ific Feelings, originally $2.99, the app is obtainable for free under Google Play’s new offering. But users will have to do their research on the free app, all Google play is telling you is that it was previously priced at $2.99 and now it’s free, the rest is up to you if you’re still interested.

It goes without saying that users are grateful for anything free, but let’s just hope that this process is more streamlined after the official kinks are worked out. With the latest promotion, users will be more than willing to keep an eye out for the best apps which are now offered for free.