Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Running a small business? Then there are several marketing tips to follow:

Make Content Visually Appealing

Content is the bedrock of many modern marketing campaigns. If your content is bad, the entire campaign is at risk for failing. So the content you publish must be unique. More importantly, it has to be very visually pleasing. Web users are immediately attracted to visual imagery. So, make sure the content you publish has great graphics. Occasionally publish infographics and Slideshare presentations as well. Visuals are the best way to grab attention so you should never ignore this aspect of creating content.

Organize a Local Event

Most small businesses focus sales around a certain locale. If your target audience is limited to a certain city or a suburb, you should conduct local events to attract more customers. Local customers trust local businesses. If your business has a physical presence in the locality, your company will definitely attract more attention from the intended audience. So, do a free giveaway or a cookout in your local area to raise awareness of your brand. You can launch a more sophisticated campaign with a marketing agency Melbourne, Sydney or your local area.

Prioritize User-Generated Content on Social Media

You can spend thousands of dollars promoting your product on Facebook or Twitter. But in the end, what really matters is user-generated content. Such content appears more authentic than formal advertisements companies produce. More important, user-generated is essentially word-of-mouth marketing, the most powerful type of marketing out there. Aim to get your social media followers to create their own content using your products. For example, if your business sells umbrellas, users can post photos with your umbrellas at quirky locations. You will have to provide incentives to users to create this type of content. The most common incentivize is a loyalty program where Facebook likes or shares can generate bonus points.

Make Videos

You don’t have to hire a director and a film crew to make videos for a company. You can do it using low-budget animation software. Make videos relating to your products. You can make animated infographics, which are a very low-cost way of making videos. You can also ask customers to submit their own videos. Think of innovative and affordable ways to generate video content with viral potential. The video is one of the most powerful marketing tools out there and there’s nothing saying your small business cannot benefit from it too.

Target Smartphone Users

Do not miss the immense opportunity to sell to a largely mobile-oriented audience. More and more Australians are now purchasing products using handheld devices. Mobile shoppers are especially important to small businesses. So, don’t wait to make your website mobile responsive. Additionally, your business can launch a mobile app as well to keep customers engaged.

Finally, focus on social media to create brand awareness. Use Facebook, Twitter or other appropriate channels to generate interest in your products or services. Focus on the channels with the best ROI. If you follow these steps, your marketing plan will be immensely better.