Condenser Microphone – the Choice of Professionals

Audio equipment manufacturers today provide consumers with a huge selection of different microphones. Species diversity, specifications, price range allows anyone who wants to arrange at home a small studio. But before you select a microphone, should be sure to determine the purpose for which it is intended. It will be wrong to make a start on brand awareness. If the view of the microphone is not set correctly, then the pleasure of working with it will not. You can get the devices from Banggood, as it provides almost all kinds of audio and video equipment and accessories, such as a mini microphone for laptop, AUX female to female headphone Y cable, etc.

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Microphones can be used for almost anything, but more often it is the performance on stage, in recording studios, sound reinforcement or recording various acoustic instruments. All devices are different in the work, sensitivity and frequency range, so it is important when choosing to pay attention to all the features. Despite the huge variety of species, professional musicians choose condenser Mic shock mount, or as it is called, dynamic. The latter are more popular among pop singers and used to performing on stage, because they do not require an external power supply, have a flat frequency response. But they are not suitable for high-quality voice recording, because it makes the sound “flat” and “simple”. A condenser microphone is great for voice recording in a studio. It has a cardioid polar and flat frequency response. Such microphone makes the voice more alive, fills it with colors, and conveys all the nuances of colloquial speech. This type of device is widely used by musicians to record songs as well as popular among the leading radio.

Many blamed condenser microphone that it is due to its high sensitivity too good catches all the background noise. This is the quality, of course, not like many musicians, so that together with voice and he writes the creaking of chairs scraping on the floor or legs. But if you use a professional microphone in the studio, and his feet sound-absorbing pad, it is possible to achieve complete silence and pure sound quality recording.

The transmitted sound microphone depends on the diaphragm because it is her hesitation acoustic wave exposure to air. A condenser microphone is a diaphragm, which changes the oscillation capacitance. To use this product, you can use either phantom power or a built-in battery. There is another point that needs to be taken into account in a professional music recording. Even the best-in microphone will give excellent results without a good preamp. There is an opinion that it is better to buy a good and a bad Mic preamp than a good microphone preamp and bad. And if the device is simply connected to the sound card, you expect high-quality sound and it’s not necessary. Possible even an option that attaching a microphone to the sound card directly, no sound will be followed at all (the reason may lie in the technical details). Therefore, buying a microphone, you should be sure to choose a high-quality preamplifier for it.