Get Free Apps Every Week With Google Play’s New Feature

Google wants to encourage users to download apps from Google Play rather than their default app stores


As more users turn to their default app stores, Google is taking steps to change that, in order to encourage people to use the Google Play Store, Google will offer a free “app of the week”. With more users turning to Samsung, Amazon, and whatever their default app store is, the move seems essential.

Google Play’s latest offering, the “app of the week” feature will offer a wide array of apps, form productivity apps to a game launcher; users will be able to download the featured app for free, while they would have had to pay for it otherwise.

The real challenge here however is the fact that these apps are not very easy to spot, users will have to keep their eye out for the featured app of the week given there isn’t a banner screaming “free app”. It all comes down to your curiosity and how good you are at a treasure hunt; for instance, the current offering is hidden away under a banner labeled “New Family Fun”, upon clicking on it you will be directed to the family section, and finally you’ll be able to spot a banner saying “free app of the week promo from the PBS Kids”. However, you still won’t have any clue as to what the app is until you click on it.

The free app currently featured is a kids’ game called Daniel Tiger Grr-ific Feelings, originally $2.99, the app is obtainable for free under Google Play’s new offering. But users will have to do their research on the free app, all Google play is telling you is that it was previously priced at $2.99 and now it’s free, the rest is up to you if you’re still interested.

It goes without saying that users are grateful for anything free, but let’s just hope that this process is more streamlined after the official kinks are worked out. With the latest promotion, users will be more than willing to keep an eye out for the best apps which are now offered for free.