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Get Free Apps Every Week With Google Play’s New Feature

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Google wants to encourage users to download apps from Google Play rather than their default app stores


As more users turn to their default app stores, Google is taking steps to change that, in order to encourage people to use the Google Play Store, Google will offer a free “app of the week”. With more users turning to Samsung, Amazon, and whatever their default app store is, the move seems essential.

Google Play’s latest offering, the “app of the week” feature will offer a wide array of apps, form productivity apps to a game launcher; users will be able to download the featured app for free, while they would have had to pay for it otherwise.

The real challenge here however is the fact that these apps are not very easy to spot, users will have to keep their eye out for the featured app of the week given there isn’t a banner screaming “free app”. It all comes down to your curiosity and how good you are at a treasure hunt; for instance, the current offering is hidden away under a banner labeled “New Family Fun”, upon clicking on it you will be directed to the family section, and finally you’ll be able to spot a banner saying “free app of the week promo from the PBS Kids”. However, you still won’t have any clue as to what the app is until you click on it.

The free app currently featured is a kids’ game called Daniel Tiger Grr-ific Feelings, originally $2.99, the app is obtainable for free under Google Play’s new offering. But users will have to do their research on the free app, all Google play is telling you is that it was previously priced at $2.99 and now it’s free, the rest is up to you if you’re still interested.

It goes without saying that users are grateful for anything free, but let’s just hope that this process is more streamlined after the official kinks are worked out. With the latest promotion, users will be more than willing to keep an eye out for the best apps which are now offered for free.

Meet Google+ Collections: A Better Pinterest

better google plus

Google+ collection lets you organize and manage your posts according to your own interests

Today, Google+ users will get their hands on one of the most amazing features added to Google+ since it was introduced nearly 4 years back. The new feature is called Google+ Collections; it lets users create and manage their posts on a particular topic and allows Google+ users to limit the content that they wish to see on their own social feed, seems like déjà vu if you have been using Pinterest.

This feature should have been added to the Google+ from the start. Google advertised Google+ circles as the new way to organize the social network but it soon became obvious that Circles focused on organizing people and not really about organizing the content that those users post.

Interestingly, this latest feature lets you add your posts, photos, and videos in these collections and then people have the option to subscribe to your collection if they find your topic interesting. Once you’re done making your collection, then it allows the user to add a specific name and cover photo as well.

Google+ Collections is a handy feature considering it lets the user browse according to their interests, focus on a single interest at a time, and can add up videos to make a nice playlist. This feature is similar to Pinterest, but now the good news is that Google+ users can use similar features without logging out from their favorite social network.

The latest feature can be found on Google+ navigation bar and on users profile pages as well. If you select collections from the user profile or from the navigation bar, it will provide you with your list of collections and will also allow you to create a new one.

In addition, it also allows you to view and subscribe to other users collections. While there are not any public collections available at the moment, but we expect them to be available soon.

Smart Suitcases By Samsung Group And Samsonite

smart suitcase

Smart suitcases are coming and they plan to make our travels comfortable, and our airport hassles minimized as well

Everything is becoming smart these days, it started with the smartphone revolution; we saw smart cars and are now witnessing a smart home takeover. This time around your luggage plans to grab the title of being smart. Meet Samsung’s and Samsonite’s joint collaboration in the smart suitcases department. Both the companies are working to create luggage that is smart enough to tell where it is and more.

Nobody likes lost luggage and most travelers have gone through the nightmare of airlines misplacing passenger suitcases and as a result, stranding them in a foreign country without their bare essentials. It can be frustrating and is not a pleasant experience. Daily Mail reports that the joint effort currently utilizes GPS to track the luggage and identify the user of its location.

The luggage will even be able to alert a passenger, when it has been opened and whether it has been tampered with or not. Alerts will also be sent out, when an owner moves further away from the baggage. There is no retail availability announced for this smart luggage and are still in trial phases.

Samsonite is also working on a prototype of self-propelling luggage, which has an engine and follows its owner six inches behind. Gone are the worries of carting luggage through the bustle of an airport. The current models take up a third of the baggage space and this also means an additional 20kgs, and thus, not a very viable option.

Another likely possibility in the smart suitcase category is the luggage that checks-in itself at an airport without the owner worrying about it. Emirates, KLM Air France, and Lufthansa are already on board with Samsonite on this project. The luggage will contain a chip, which will identify its owner at the airport and will be programmed with an airline’s details, destination, and time. All an owner needs is to drop the bag at the carousel. It will be weighed and the details along with a unique code for the bag will be sent to a user on the mobile device.

The technology will be bogged down by compatibility issues, of airlines not supporting this tech, security issues on airports, and airlines refusing to let users connect with their baggage. This is not the first foray in to the connected baggage area and Bluesmart, an indiegogo project, raised funds to be the world’s first connected carry-on and has features such as remote unlocking, location tracking, proximity notification, and a built-in scale inside the bag.

The 10 Main Reasons Behind Facebook’s Glorification in India

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Literally speaking, India is such a country which has followers of Facebook from every community, every class. Educated people, Uneducated ones, both are actively participating in the movement called Facebook. According to simple statistics, people in India are not much enthusiastic about new jobs or new developments in the politics or new discoveries in the field of science and technology as much they are in addition to Facebook. Every user at least logs on to his or her Facebook profile once in a day to see the developments. How many Friend requests they have received or how many notifications they have on their profile. In India Facebook is like a craze for something new every day.

Facebook’s Glorification in India

The Main Reasons behind Facebook’s Glorification in India are:

Most likely the first thing that a number of us do in the morning is not brushing our teeth yet opening our cell phones and check what every living soul is dependent upon on Facebook. Following 4 prolonged years of our social exploration, we have had the capacity to turn out with sensible explanations in the matter of why Facebook is an eminent monarch in India.

1. It is Free. That is in itself a sufficient purpose behind anything to be an enormous hit in India. After all we are lovers of Free Things.

2. Another essential truth, individuals get an opportunity to peep into other individuals’ existence without breaking a sweat.

3. People have too less time to get occupied (In the event that we can talk on mobile phones for incalculable hours or can watch the serials and soaps. It unquestionably implies we have sufficient energy to do anything on the planet.)

4. Finally we have a highly anticipated official stage ‘for making Remarks’ (Something we can’t live without)

5. You get to send the same amount companion solicits as you need, regardless of the possibility that you don’t know the individual. You remark on their not-so lovely pictures (looking spellbinding angel face!) which are responded by a cool and lovable remark.

Please Note Carefully: Don’t attempt this in genuine living.

6. 99% of lovely young ladies are either wedded or submitted (A general protest by fellows). On Facebook, this rate radically and blissfully falls down to 5% anyhow this is the thing that their relationship status shows.

7. This is very significant It gives an opportunity to stalk your ex and that too without indeed, giving her a chance to know

8. Facebook is an extraordinary place for introverts. Since it is the main place where they can converse with a wall and still not be acknowledged as a looser.

9. Girls along these lines called “Aashiqs and husbands” can now know their fondness life forecasts and horoscopes Complimentary.

10. It is a stage which gives an equivalent and reasonable opportunity to each Indian to turn into a journalist and redesign most cutting edge occasions.

Here you go. I do not think that you need more reasons to know why Facebook is growing rapidly in India. Here i would like to agree on the saying that, In a country like India everything is Possible.

Which Operating System is Better for You- Windows or Android?

operating system

Now at this junction when the market is flooded with mobile phones with both Android operating system and Windows operating system, this turns out to be the most common question among the group of people who are planning to buy a quality mobile phone for them. Now let me say, having used both the operating systems, I would say that it is extremely difficult to compare to relate android with windows. This is because both the versions of the operating systems are extremely efficient in their own fields.

Android has built a strong foothold in the minds of the application lovers and at the same time, the corporate workers are highly in favor of the Windows-based mobile phones. A brief and simple comparison can be drawn from the fact that Android has more that 700000+ applications in Google play store and at the same time Windows has only around 100000+ applications. But at the same time, working on a windows phone is much easier compared to working on an Android-based mobile phone. By working, I strictly refer to working like managing emails, document files, etc.

But still, if a comparison needs to be drawn, and then let us divide 4 segments for the comparison: Price, Performance, Variety of Mobile phones available in the market, applications and Speed and Characteristics. Based on the above-mentioned segments let us check out which operating system is better for you, Windows or Android?


This is a huge score for Android. At the final check, there were around 700,000 applications for Android on Google Play, the greater part of them enhanced for cell phones. Two years after launch and Windows Mobile is even now floating around the 100,000, the vast majority of which were composed for Windows 7. The bare numbers truly don’t make a difference, so long as the crux applications are acting for. Again android is the champ. The Windows 8 handsets are accessible; however, assuming your personal need you need to decide which phone to choose.


The business is overwhelmed with distinctive models of Android mobiles. There are actually large portions of Android cell phones you can purchase in India. Windows mobiles have extremely High Requirements henceforth these are high-end mobiles. This doesn’t fundamentally imply that Android is best, however, the five major Windows 8 cell phones out now are all high end, high-caliber gadgets fabricated by Nokia, HTC, and Samsung. These producers seldom make bad Mobile Phones.


When analyzing the cost, there is no rivalry. Both of them have fantastic and attractive handsets with equivalent cost in each classification.

Speed and Characteristics

This is the territory where Windows Mobiles are superior to Android. This is the territory where Android’s extreme openness could be both an exceptional and an awful thing. There are a mixed bag of speed, steadiness and emphasizes in the Android planet in light of the fact that equipment producers can tweak the programming.


I directly feel Windows does performance superior to Android. Throughout the course numerous Android handsets slack yet no such things happened in Windows. In this way, it is a win for Windows here.

Now let me give a quick round-up of the above:


It has More Applications that one can need and Use.
There are any phones to choose from.
Easy to use for fun-loving people.


The user Interface is very simple.
It already comes with pre-installed professional applications like MS Word.
It is designed for the Pro.