Meet Google+ Collections: A Better Pinterest

Google+ collection lets you organize and manage your posts according to your own interests

Today, Google+ users will get their hands on one of the most amazing features added to Google+ since it was introduced nearly 4 years back. The new feature is called Google+ Collections; it lets users create and manage their posts on a particular topic and allows Google+ users to limit the content that they wish to see on their own social feed, seems like déjà vu if you have been using Pinterest.

This feature should have been added to the Google+ from the start. Google advertised Google+ circles as the new way to organize the social network but it soon became obvious that Circles focused on organizing people and not really about organizing the content that those users post.

Interestingly, this latest feature lets you add your posts, photos, and videos in these collections and then people have the option to subscribe to your collection if they find your topic interesting. Once you’re done making your collection, then it allows the user to add a specific name and cover photo as well.

Google+ Collections is a handy feature considering it lets the user browse according to their interests, focus on a single interest at a time, and can add up videos to make a nice playlist. This feature is similar to Pinterest, but now the good news is that Google+ users can use similar features without logging out from their favorite social network.

The latest feature can be found on Google+ navigation bar and on users profile pages as well. If you select collections from the user profile or from the navigation bar, it will provide you with your list of collections and will also allow you to create a new one.

In addition, it also allows you to view and subscribe to other users collections. While there are not any public collections available at the moment, but we expect them to be available soon.