Top 5 Best Racing Games for iPhone

Speed has its own fun and thrill, be it when you are driving or when you are racing on your personal computer or play station or on your mobile phone. But due to these speed
regulations and safety issues you cannot often enjoy this thrill. So you refer to racing games. These racing games are extremely famous among Kids. But when the adults want
this fun, where can they go? With the busy and hectic schedule that one working individual has, sitting in front of a computer and taking a tee off, is also less probable. Thus
here stays the final option. The mobiles! If you ask for something better than mobiles then let me propose for an iPhone.

Best Racing Games for iPhone

With the larger screen, hundred times better display quality and extreme efficiency, iPhone are an obvious choice for all those who are in love with racing games. Let us run
through a list of the 5 best racing games for iPhone:

1. Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart:

To be very frank every game is very well acquainted with the name of Crash Bandicoot. This low speed Kart racing game is extremely hilarious because of the cute and sweet
weapons that it has. The game is all about winning and to achieve that aim of yours you can do anything along with driving. You can blow up your competitors or make them
dive into an oil slick. In order to move into newer levels you need to collect the collectibles.

2. GTS World racing:

6this is a game which gives you 16 locations and 64 tracks to show your driving skills. The game also sets up 4 different difficulty levels for you to prove yourself. One of the
best of its kinds comes with a simple negative issue. The game only allows you to choose from a list of just 3 cars. This at times becomes an issue but, when one has the
autonomous power to design and re – design his car innumerable tie then who cares with the number of cars?

3. Cro – mag Rally:

Many gaming geeks believe that this game is famous because of its similarity with the Crash and the Mario Kart series. I also agree to a certain degree in this matter but let us
not take anything away from this game. The game is highly detailed with great colors to enhance the spark of the tracks. The whole game is made up of 9 exquisite levels. And
let me assure you that all these 9 levels are better than the other in all respects.

4. Asphalt 4:

Now if are not so much in favor of man – made tracks but you love racing on real time roads, then asphalt is the game you are looking for. Press the accelerator and let the
world know that you are here. You can Race through the streets of Los Angeles, to Shanghai, to New York. Anything can be your ride starting from McLaren to Bugatti Veryon to
a Mini Cooper. The game also supports multiplayer feature and for that it has to be connected to a WI – FI. So get down and run with your friends.

5. Fast Lane Street Racing:

Many people who have played this game are of the belief that FastLane is the best game on Offer in iPhone. According to them, this is even better than GTS and asphalt put together. The game comes with 2 high speed tracks, 8 city tracks, 6 challenging tracks and more importantly with 5 different game modes.